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Thursday 20 December


When I travel I like to have my travel size versions of the beauty products I use at home. Its a ritual thing. One of the reasons I love Maui Moisture, I can bring it with me on all my travels.

maui moisturetravel size

Hair care made out of restorative ingredients captured from the source and travel sized. 

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Photography by Kezia

Location: Panama, Sansara Resort

Turns out when things come in miniature size they carry all the perks. I love the comfort of bringing my favorite self care products on travel with me. This way I know with all the change in surroundings I can still rely on at least my tried and trusted products to work their magic. I’ve been using Maui Moisture now for a few months and I am still so happy with how shiny and healthy my hair looks, consistently! It even holds its moisture promise in the winter, which is impressive cause usually my hair gets really dry when its cold out.

But the focus here is the travel size! Because lets be honest the beauty junkie loves to remain dedicated to her favorite products so creating a bite sized travel kit is key and frankly especially with shampoo and conditioners, everything lies within a good hair day.

So in tropical climates moisture is also important especially for me, my hair gets so frizzy and moisture is what weighs it down, that and some spray post shower or swim. For aftercare treatment I brought the Bamboo Fiber thickening spray. I just used it after showering or after diving in the ocean or pool. It gave my hair a bit more texture so it wouldn’t go all frizzy on me. Hair is a science I swear and with different temps it is rare it cooperates, but testing these products in the heat with humidity, rain and sweat, my hair survived and so did I. No frizzy mess photos from me.

These images were taken on my trip to Panama with Ladyvana retreats. More on that coming so soon.

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