What Moves Me beyond my four walls?

Wednesday 26 December


what moves me

What moves Me? I love it when campaigns include an element that makes me think about my well being. Thank you Sportchek, for shedding light on this experience.


Woods Fleece Sweater

Winter Mittens

Woods Jacket, Woods Fleece, North Face Boots, Womens Mittens

Location: Cresta See, Switzerland

What Moves Me. What makes me come alive? The answer is simple, it is nature. It comes in the form of stepping outside, and breathing fresh air, going to a place where you can only hear your own foot steps and where you connect with the ground. Nature moves me. It makes me feel inspired. I hear many people say this but what is it exactly that makes us feel that way. So this got me thinking, why does nature inspire me to be bigger and better then what I am when I am stuck inside my four walls. Aka my head, or have just simply spent to much time inside, just like we all do. Its not natural for us to be inside all day and night. If you live in an apartment building maybe you are even farther away from the earth more often than not. I dont think we are built to disconnect from earth like that, which is why we feel this surge of movement in our life force when we connect with it in an intentional way.

My conclusion is that nature holds space for us, it gifts us with a place to live, its constantly cradling us with love, its constantly transforming to show us different opportunities of growth and life and that change is OK. Nature keeps us on our toes, it makes us adapt and think about how we act, feel and create, it offers us a place to regain balance and most of all it is physical proof that when we all work together as one we can create life.

This is why at the highest level, nature is what moves me. This winter, my gear from Sportchek is what is keeping me warm on my outside adventures. Perfectly matching my mittens to my new favorite boots. I am currently in Switzerland and warmth is my main concern. I am not a complainer, unless I am cold, so the best gear for winter is what keeps me happy and Sportchek has it all. Along with an epic Boxing day sale this week so gear up for all your Winter adventures. A little secret, active wear is my favorite thing to buy.


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